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A rotten odor, a dangerous gas.

Sometime referred to as “the other greenhouse gas”–compared here to carbon–methane (CH₄) is an underestimated an misunderstood driver of global warming (and yes there are more than two greenhouse gasses). To better understand the deleterious effects of methane on environment, it helps to start with some basic facts. A noxious and foul smelling gas (you’re … Continue reading A rotten odor, a dangerous gas.

Like fire from furniture

The following is Part I in an explanatory series about dietary carbon When many people first learn about “dietary carbon” and the profligate cost of beef consumption, their first question is why. The answer-–while not obvious–is simple once understood. The majority of human nutrition is derived from either plant or animal sources but to raise … Continue reading Like fire from furniture

Surf (worse than) Turf?

When it comes to dietary carbon, beef is public enemy one. Beef worse than pork, worse than chicken—with regard to carbon intensiveness—ask any environmentalist. But beef many not necessarily be the worst offender. As is always the case, context matters: the who/what/where and how of food production. In this case, the facts may surprise you. … Continue reading Surf (worse than) Turf?

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