Green Star Podcast (Ep. 0): The Groundwork

Episode #1 is presented by Arcuri’s Pizza & Salad

Check out our FIRST EPISODE of the Green Star Podcast! This episode covers all the basics behind the Green Star (and “Reducetarian”) concept as a whole. It’s deep dive into the concepts you need to know, namely how and why the food we eat affects the environment and how our choices in this arena can be SO impactful. If you’re an absolute newcomer to the idea, this is the PERFECT place to start. We really hit it all.

A word of warning, this first pod is rough, raw and totally unedited. There’s no intro, outtro or effects of any kind! We recorded it on a basic rig, essentially in one take, with no script and no intention to do *anything* but get the content out. It’s also longer than strictly advised for a debut pod, so feel free to dabble as suits your needs. You CAN absolutely expect a lot more polish on future installments
. For now we’re just excited to have this content online! As with EVERYTHING we truly appreciate your feedback. Til next time, stay green, stay cool.

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